Our Management Team

President, Roger (Butch) D. Mabe, Jr -

Director of Operations, Artie Jones,

Director of Safety and Claims, Dwight Loftis -

Director of Compliance and Human Resources, Kenneth (Greg) Ritchie - gritchie@mabetrucking,com

Directors of Accounting, Douglas Graham -

Director of Maintenance, Leroy (Leo) Olivares -


Our Departments

Accounts Payable, Melissa Hill -

Account Receivable, Patricia Kallam -

Billing and Proof of Delivery, Lisa Barrow -

Customer Sales,

Employee Benefits and Payroll, Blair Mabe - ext. 345

                                                  Paula Cross - ext. 302

Human Resources Assistant, Candice Martin - ext. 318

Maintenance Office - Durwood (DJ) Corum -

                                  Neil Cramer - ext. 315

                                  Chuck Bowling- 

Mailing Address
PO Box 1081
Eden, NC 27289-1081
Physical Address
1603 Mill Avenue
Eden, NC 27288

Phone: 336-635-1793

Fax 336-635-1791