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Mabe's History

Our Little Story

Roger (Butch) D. Mabe Jr’s interest in trucking began at an early age. When he was in his early teens, it was Butch’s dream to be involved in the trucking industry in some way. His grandfather and uncle were truck drivers and his grandfather allowed him to take some trips with him when the opportunity presented itself. Butch’s dad, Roger D. Mabe Sr, purchased two tractors with Butch’s grandfather and leased them to other trucking companies.

Also contributing to Butch’s interest in trucking was a truck terminal which was located down the street from where he grew up that was owned by Bill Goldston. When Butch became a teenager, he got his first job washing equipment at the Goldston terminal in Eden. This terminal had two divisions, leasing and transportation, and Butch started his job on the leasing side. This division leased equipment to companies like Dan River Mills, Fieldcrest Mills, Stoneville Furniture, Tultex and other manufacturers in the Southeast.

Later, Penske purchased Goldston’s leasing division and Butch moved up through all of the jobs in the maintenance department. Penske also purchased Goldston’s transportation side of the business. After learning all he could on the maintenance side of the business, Butch decided to move to the transportation side. Penske later closed the leasing side of the business in Eden and moved the leasing operation to its home office in Reading, PA. Penske also sold the transportation side to Silver Eagle out of Jacksonville, FL.

After Penske sold the transportation side of the business and at the age of 25, Butch began to explore his options in the transportation industry. He made the decision to purchase several tractors and founded his own company as a fleet owner operator in 1988. He incorporated his new company as Mabe Trucking Co., Inc. on June 7, 1988 and began to lease his trucks to other trucking companies to start his business.

Butch began by running his new trucking operation with five (5) trucks from his garage at his home in Stoneville, North Carolina. As he slowly grew his company, he realized the need to move to another location to provide the space to work on his equipment. He purchased and moved into a one bay garage in Eden. He was a fleet owner operator until 1990 where he was running fifteen (15) under the authority of other trucking companies. At this point he decided to obtain his own ICC authority and pursue his own customer base locally. Butch started out hauling corrugated boxes, boilers, textiles and glass bottles. His business had grown to a thirty (30) truck operation and he had outgrown the facility he was using. The Fieldcrest Mills property in Eden was in the process of closing and this gave Butch the opportunity to purchase the mill property in 1994. Butch converted it into a truck terminal, warehouses and a yard for parking trailers. His terminal is located at the same location today. The one bay facility is still owned by Butch and serves as his body shop.

Over the years the customer base has grown substantially and his fleet has grown to 200 tractors and 600 trailers, with 20 regioinal tractors dedicated to North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The company has grown to be one of the largest employers in Eden, North Carolina with over 300 employees. One of the most prestigious achievements of Mabe Trucking Company was being awarded the Carrier of the Year for 3 years (2009,2014,2015)from Dollar General. The success of Mabe Trucking during the past 25 years has been the loyalty of its customers and the hard work of its employees.

"Driving first-class efforts to deliver unmatched quality for every client"

Roger "Butch" Mabe

Mabe's Terminal

Our Home
  • Mabe Trucking Company was founded January, 1988.
  • Eden, NC is the base of operations for the fleet.
  • The property pictured was acquired from Fieldrest Mills in 1994.
  • Th Mill was converted to a terminal and has been upgraded to suport the growing fleet

Mabe's Reputation

How We've Grown
  • An early adopter of the Paccar MX engine and Eaton Advantage Transmission.
  • Mabe Trucking has been recognized as an industry leader in fuel economy.
  • Mabe Trucking frequently partners with OEMS and supporting vendors to implement and test aerodynamic tools aimed at increasing fuel economy and lowering emissions.

"Our fleet consists of late model Peterbilt and Kenworth tractors."

Roger "Butch" Mabe

Mabe's Fleet

Our Fleet Profile
  • The Mabe Trucking Fleet is comprised of late model Paccar Trucks.
  • Brand loyalty is an important fabric of the business.
  • Mabe Trucking provides drivers with the best equipment on the road.

Mabe's Culture

Our Cultural Pride
  • Driving the "Cadillac of trucks".
  • Mabe Trucking drivers are some of the proudest in the industry.
  • Drivers operate top tier equipment outfitted with APU units that allow for the best possible working conditions.
  • The implementation of both manual and automatic transmissions allows drivers to select the equipment that best fits their driving style.




1603 Mill Avenue, Eden, NC